St. Vrain access to change back

       The vote is in. Based on unanimous feedback from the neighborhood, the little access from St. Vrain to 18th Street will be restored “this week” to two-way traffic, according to David Krauth of Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering.
       There will be no changes to the road itself - only signage to let motorists know that the gap is one lane wide but open to cars going either direction, he said.
       The city had hand-delivered letters to St. Vrain Street residents between 18th and 17th streets about two weeks ago, asking for their opinions.
       Until recently, the city had been planning a safety-oriented project to widen the access (which dates back to the late 1800s). However, when unforeseen utility issues roughly doubled the budgeted $38,000 cost - making the work unaffordable for the foreseeable future - officials decided to canvass the people in the block closest to it.

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