Pleasant Valley Assn. re-elects Dick Wulf

       Dick Wulf was re-elected to a second two-year term as president of the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association (PVNA) in the annual election Oct. 20.
       Re-elected board members are Al Ferguson, Carol Corcoran, Flo Hagiwara
       and Dawn Sandoval. Ed Reilly is a newly elected member.
       The meeting consisted of an informal drop-in over a three-hour span at the Secret Garden off 19th Street and Sheldon Avenue. Wulf said the location, which features fountains and a large variety of plantings, seemed to attract more people than past annual meetings in the Howbert School gym.
       “The hard part will be topping ourselves next year,” he laughed.
       Overall, the PVNA has 150 members out of 810 homes in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood. “We would like to reach one out of four homes,” Wulf said. “We see paying the $20 [in annual dues] as a commitment to neighborliness, which is the backbone of a strong community where we can encourage people to be friendly, watch out for one another and keep their property looking good.”
       Even non-members are invited to participate in the PVNA's Yahoo Email Group called The Connection, as long as they live within neighborhood boundaries. “All sorts of information is passed between neighbors every week,” Wulf said.
       Past association projects have included the entryway sign identifying the neighborhood to people driving north on 31st Street, as well as lobbying the city for street safety and park improvements.
       The association is currently saving money in its Neighborhood Improvement Fund and “we plan to spend it on something substantial when we have enough money,” Wulf said. One possibility is a device “that tells cars how fast they are driving that we can move around the neighborhood on different streets.”
       The neighborhood also has an annual clean-up day in the spring, with a dumpster and a chipper for yard waste.
       Pleasant Valley is located off 31st Street north of Colorado Avenue.

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