Almost there, city tells Holland Park

       Responding to a plea this month from the Holland Park Community Association, City Traffic Engineer Dave Krauth has pledged speedy action to repair the intersection of Holland Park Boulevard and the Sinton Trail.
       Originally expected to occur last summer, the work is to include “traffic-calming” elements for the boulevard, which is a residential street but, according to past city studies, encourages speeding because of its great width.
       The volunteer association represents a neighborhood of close to 1,500 households south of Garden of the Gods Road and west of I-25.
       Below are copies of e-mail communications between the association's board of directors and Krauth.
       [Oct. 13]
       “Attention Involved City Staff Personnel:
       “To meet the community's needs for safe and accessible street access to our Sinton Trail along both sides of Holland Park Boulevard, we are requesting that someone please finish the section of curb and sidewalks south of 1309 and 1310 to the street curb drains.
       “[In] our last update in early August, we were informed that this project would be completed soon. Regarding completion of this final piece of the original project started May 24, 2008. Enclosed are several photos, which capture our frustration. It confounds affected neighbors as well as trail users as to what is holding up the completion date of this last segment.
       “Your attention to addressing this issue would be greatly appreciated.
       “Respectfully Submitted,
       “HPCA Board Members”
       [Oct. 15]
       “Holland Park Association,
       “I want you to know that, while we do not have to live with the current situation as you do, we feel the same frustration as you with the delays associated with the trail crossing and traffic calming improvements being designed and constructed in your neighborhood. When we started to design the improvements this summer to have them constructed along with CSU's [Colorado Springs Utilities'] project, we had every intent of getting the project done by the end of August and with the same contractors already on site. Unfortunately several issues delayed our ability to take advantage of this opportunity. The two primary issues were related to drainage and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements that were not readily apparent until the design process got underway. These issues have essentially been addressed and we are hopeful that we will be able to begin work, at least at the location of the trail crossing, within two weeks. I can also share with you that we are still able to realize most of the cost savings we were trying to capture with coordinating this work with Springs Utilities.
       “Again, I apologize greatly for the delays and the less than ideal condition that the roadway and trail have been left in and thank you for your patience.
       “Dave Krauth
       ”City Traffic Engineer”

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