Security guard stops robbery on N. Chestnut

       A security guard foiled an armed robbery the morning of Oct. 22 at the One Thirteen Credit Union, 3505 N. Chestnut St., by shooting at four approaching men - at least two carrying weapons - according to a police report.
       Armed with a handgun, the guard (name withheld at press time because the suspects were still at large) fired multiple shots from inside the bank through the credit union's glass entry doors and window. In addition to weapons, three of the suspects had on Halloween-type masks and sweatshirts with the hoods up. All of them fled. It is not known if any were hit. No one else was injured, the police said.
       The perpetrators' vehicle was reported as a late '90s tan or gold four-door Ford Taurus.
       The security guard is a contracted employee of the One Thirteen Credit Union.

From a press release