Biz buzz:
‘Henri’s’ dropped from Jorge’s name

       It's now officially Jorge's Restaurant.
       Close to a year and a half ago, Jorge Ayala, founder and owner of Jorge's Restaurant in Pueblo, brought his Mexican-food style to Old Colorado City, taking over the site of the former Henri's Restaurant at 2427 W. Colorado Ave. At the time, Ayala gave his new eatery the intermediate name of “Henri's by Jorge's” - advising that in time it would be shortened to “Jorge's.”
       That time was this fall, as indicated by the signs outside the restaurant that recently went up.
       The name change “makes it simpler,” Ayala said. “I think it's going to help us a lot. People know me [my business] as Jorge's.”
       Started by Henri and Ventura Ruiz, the original Henri's had moved to Old Colorado City in 1951. Remaining from those days are the murals in the dining room. They were painted in the 1960s by a member of the Ruiz family, Emilio Velasquez. “I don't think I'll ever mess with those murals,” said Ayala, whose Pueblo restaurant tradition dates back to 1983. “We have a good time with that. People come in and say, 'My dad used to come here.' ”
       Jorge's is open Tuesday to Saturday. The phone is 634-9031.
       The Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI), which has been in the Westside's Midland area since 1986, recently moved to a considerably larger space in the Ore Mill Business Center.
       The new address is 2725 Ore Mill Road, Suite 23. At 5,600 square feet, it is about 60 percent larger than the old location, said BBI office manager Max Barnett.
       The space was not needed to expand business operations, but simply to make room for equipment and classes. “We don't feel so cramped anymore,” Barnett said. “We wonder, how did we ever fit in that previous space?”
       Another benefit is that the Craddock Company, which owns the center, worked with BBI to customize the space, Barnett said.
       Started by Max's father, John Barnett, the institute offers classes to bicycle mechanics who come here from across America and sometimes from foreign countries. Two and a half years ago, plans had been submitted to City Planning for a new BBI building nearer to 31st Street, but these were withdrawn because of uncertainties about impacts from the state's future Highway 24 expansion project.
       A call for entries has gone out for the El Dorado Gallery's sixth annual Christmas show.
       Entry forms can be picked up at the business, 2627 W. Colorado Ave., or at
       Entries will be accepted Nov. 17 to 19, with the show to be up from Nov. 20 through Dec. 29.
       For more information, call the gallery at 634-4075 or e-mail info@
       Dr. Becky Tanner, a naturopath, has opened an office at 1721 W. Colorado Ave.
       She trained at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four year post graduate medical school, and has been practicing naturopathy professionally for four years.
       “I use nutritional counseling, herbs, homeopathy, neurofeedback,
       hydrotherapy, detoxification and ionic cleanse,” she said, adding that her goal is “to empower my clients to take control of their own health.”
       Walk-ins are welcome, but it is best to make an appointment.
       The phone is 964-4732.

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