Colorado Springs:  Most livable city?
       When General Palmer planned Colorado Springs, he set in motion the aspirations, determination and civic pride that would create and sustain this unique community. Recognizing the importance of open spaces to quality of life, Palmer donated park land to all the people of Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Canon Park, Bear Creek Canon, Monument Valley Park and Palmer Park are a few of the many parks Palmer gave to the community. These early parks form the foundation for our extensive system of parks that everyone of us enjoys today.
       Without the passage of 2C, over a century of building upon Palmer's vision of a community “of the kind that gives wing to the imagination” may be destroyed.
       If we fail to pass 2C, we risk the closure of five community centers, the Pioneers Museum, Rock Ledge Ranch, all seven city pools and the abandonment of 128 neighborhood parks. Do we want this deconstruction of our park system to be OUR legacy? We all are the beneficiaries of General Palmer's vision. It is our responsibility to continue his legacy and to enrich the lives of current and future generations. Let us support our community and expand on the accomplishments of the past. We urge you to vote “yes” on Question 2C.

[Signed] Friends of Monument Valley Park Board: Ann Brock, president; Vic Appugliese, Patty Chase, Priscilla Engeln, Judi Ingelido, Meg Kendall, Linda Kennison, Jan Mahony, Cathy Mundy, Teri Peisner, Judith Rice-Jones, Jeremy Silva and Sheila Wallace