$2,000 raised at library’s ‘Victorian Parlour Evening’

       About $2,000 was raised Oct. 9 at the Old Colorado City Branch Library's “Victorian Parlour Evening.”
       The event included a silent auction and entertainment for guests who paid $25 to attend.
       The money will go toward the library's general preservation campaign, according to Branch Manager Julianne Rist. “We're trying to do everything we can to be sure it lasts another 100 years,” she said.
       She said people do not need to be overly concerned about the 1-by-4 boards currently screwed into the ceiling, which are helping to prevent ceiling pieces from falling. “The ceiling is secure and stable,” Rist said. “Nothing is going to fall on anyone's head.”
       The situation has led to some concern among library officials about the foundation stabilization work that was accomplished in the fall of 2003. Monitoring of the foundation is ongoing to see if additional work is needed in that area. “By December we will know,” Rist said.
       The library's next major event is scheduled December 4 - a party to commemorate the library's 100th anniversary. Details are yet to be announced.

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