Indian Hills Village townhomes still in the works; owner needed to update plan

       Construction on the Indian Hills Village townhome development in the Mesa Springs area of the Westside has been delayed since June because of a minor development plan amendment by the developer, Continental Divisions.
       Jake Travis, of Thomas & Thomas, the project planning consultant, said he was in the process of making “last-minute tweaks to the landscape plan” as part of the amendment effort. The amendment needs only planning staff approval. There is no anticipated date as yet to start construction, he said, although grading (which is allowed before a building permit is issued) is underway.
       The 80-unit project, approved by City Council last June, will be built along westward extensions of Van Buren Street and Mesa Valley Road, which connect to Chestnut Street. Part of the work will.include construction of the first portion of Centennial Boulevard south of Fillmore Street - although Centennial will not be connected to any other streets at this time. Centennial is eventually planned to connect to Fontanero Street at I-25.

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