Background provided about Woodland Dinosaur Center

       Triebold Paleontology, owners of the Dinosaur Resource Center on Highway 24 in Woodland Park, is a private company that digs out, displays and sells dinosaur-era finds, according to a presentation at the Old Colorado City History Center Oct. 7.
       The presentation was by Dave Ehlert, director of the Resource Center, which opened on Memorial Day weekend this year.
       Displays at the center are plastic replicas, which are safer (less weight) and look better (more complete than actual bone finds), he said. The palm trees outside the center are meant to illustrate the kinds of trees in Colorado at the time of the dinosaurs, when much of the region was an inland sea, he added.
       Before opening the center this year, Triebold had been in business in Woodland Park, “out of the public eye,” for eight years, Ehlert said. The center is now a key part of the town's revitalization plans.
       Triebold, started by Mike Triebold 15 years ago, also has an office in Valley City, N.D.
       Triebold crews dig for fossils (with permission) on private lands only, Ehlert said.
       The center employs 25 people. Admission is normally $9 for adults.
       Ehlert's talk was sponsored by the Old Colorado City Historical Society, the volunteer organization that runs the History Center.

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