EDITOR’S DESK: The ‘Spirit-less’ awards

       While the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) has gone on its usual quest to find upgraded properties for its annual Spirit Awards, the Westside Pioneer has had a hard time avoiding candidates for the opposite honor - the “Spirit-less” awards.
       Actually, these are no awards at all, just the distinction of being named here as a property that for years has not offered any upgrades nor a square inch of greenery (except weeds).

The bleak Subway property, with prominent dumpster.
Westside Pioneer photo

       One Westside commercial intersection in particular is a study in pavement and concrete. This is 30th and Colorado Avenue, which features the Subway sandwich shop, the 7-Eleven and a car wash.
       Meeting the same description along the avenue west of there are the 29th Street Liquor store, Bob's Liquor and the three-unit commercial center just west of Safeway that includes Smoker City.
       Not to be overlooked in that part of the avenue (which has been dubbed "No Man's Land") is its public aspects. While applying unsuccessfully for major construction grants there over the past several years, the government entities that share its jurisdiction have held off on upgrades of slightly lesser consequence. This shortfall is identified in the No Man's Land article starting on Page 1.
       Another Spirit-less "prize" goes to the entire commercial center in the 500 block of North 30th Street. Adding to its "land before time" feel - in addition to the potholes and the dearth of landscaping - is the fact that four of the seven businesses listed on the center's freestanding display sign are no longer operating in the center. Its ownership group, which took over the property in 2004, has a romantic name, at least: "Hamptons to Hollywood Ventures LLC," located in Manitou Springs.
       And finally, let's not forget residences. Here is the most recent list of houses on City Code Enforcement's condemned list:

The commercial center, with obsolete sign, in the 500 block of 30th Street.
Westside Pioneer photo

       1231 W Cucharras St., 115 S Eighth St., 115 S 24th St., 715 N 24th St., 1522 Manitou Blvd., 724/726 W Platte Ave., 13 N 25th St., 1726 W Colorado Ave., 111 S 24th St., 775 W. Bijou St., 621 W Fontanero St.,1003 W Colorado Ave., 218 N. Seventh St., 1314 S. 25th St., 4212 Forrest Hill Rd (Unit A) and 518 N. Pine St.
       For those interested in "good" properties on the Westside, OWN's Spirit Awards presentation will be Thursday, Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St., and the Pioneer will be writing about them in our Oct. 27 edition.

- K.J.