Cathedral Ridge: 5 initial homes, with 1 a model and 1 under contract

       Construction is continuing on the first homes in the 117-lot Cathedral Ridge gated-community development off Mesa Road.

The first Sunrise Company home to go under contract in Cathedral Ridge (foreground) is still being built, along with three others, including the one being framed at far left.
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       One of the five initial homes is virtually complete and has been furnished to serve as a show home for potential buyers. Another of the five, still being built, is under contract, according to Kristi Meacham, a sales associate for the Garden of the Gods Club, which is owned by the Sunrise Company and is formally titled GGC Homes LLC.
       Located on the mesa above and just east of the Pleasant Valley neighborhood and behind a landscaped concrete wall along Mesa Road, Cathedral Ridge provides elevated views of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Home prices will range in price from about $500,000 to more than $1 million, depending on location, contruction style (including one- or two-story) and upgrade options, Meacham said.
       For more information, the Garden of the Gods Club number is 314-2120.
       Because of the tight lending situation at this time, the plan for Cathedral Ridge is essentially not to build new homes until existing ones are sold, explained Dirk Gosda, president of the Colorado division of the multi-state Sunrise Company.
       Sunrise had previously presented a plan to build model homes for Cathedral Ridge, possibly this year, just south of the Garden of the Gods Club facility at 3310 Mesa Road. However, Gosda said that probably won't happen now until late 2012.

The interior of a fifth home, the only one that's been completed so far, has been given an interior decoration treatment to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living there with that nice view.
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       Cathedral Ridge is the most visible of several Sunrise Company developments within the Garden of the Gods Club's large private residential community (also known as Kissing Camels) on the Mesa.
       Cathedral went through an occasionally contentious city approval process - with some residents of existing residences in the area concerned about losing views. Even as construction started on the new homes last spring the city was receiving calls about whether they exceeded the 28-foot approved height limit. But Denise Tortorice, a city planner, told the Westside Pioneer she has verified that they are in compliance, based on the city standard that figures building height “measured from average finish grade to five feet below the peak of the structure.”
       Another planned development on prominent club-owned property is Sentinel Ridge, which was approved by the city in 2009 as an 88-lot gated community on 28 acres southeast of Mesa Road and Fillmore Street. Grading on that site is now envisioned to start in 2013, Gosda said.

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