New half mile of Red Rock trail built

       About 175 volunteers built more than a half-mile of new trail at Red Rock Canyon Open Space Oct. 14.
       Led by the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC), with support from Colorado Springs Parks and the Friends of Red Rock Canyon Open Space, the project brings the canyon-traversing east-west Roundup Trail closer to completion.
       “We had fabulous weather and a tremendous amount of work got done,” said Chris Lieber, City Parks development manager. “We were very pleased with the event, the volunteers, and ultimately the work that was accomplished.”
       The amount of new trail measures out to 2,800 feet of what is known as “single track” trail (about two feet wide). The VOC work included numerous time-intensive rock walls and swale crossings, Lieber said.
       The Roundup Trail will connect the upper ends of the property's three main canyons - Sand, Greenlee and Red Rock. Workdays on Sept. 30 and Oct. 14 built the connection between Greenlee and Red Rock, while volunteer projects during the summer put in the western end of the Sand-Greenlee portion. Remaining to be done is a roughly 1,000-foot link that will finish the connection between Sand and Greenlee.
       Lieber said one or more workdays will be planned next year to construct that portion. In the meantime, east-west hikers can get around the missing segment via the old jeep road/trail south of it (the one that has the link to Section 16).
       Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a scenic 788.1-acre property between the Westside's Midland area and the Crystal Hills neighborhood in Manitou Springs. The city purchased the property from the Bock family in 2003.
       The VOC is a Denver-based, statewide trail-building group that has assisted Colorado Springs Parks on large Red Rock projects, dating back to the first trail workday in August 2004.

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