First Nations Day entertaining and instructive at Rock Ledge Ranch

       Featuring American Indians from several tribes and areas, the fifth annual First Nations Day drew close to 400 people to Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Oct. 14. Standing in front of one of the two teepees erected for the occasion on the Orchard House lawn, Eugene Redhawk 
Orner shows the gifts he received from City Parks.
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       The event included Indian ceremonies, dancing, drumming, music, speakers, demonstrations and food.
       “It was a well-rounded event and people had a wonderful time,” said ranch manager Andy Morris, adding that attendance for First Nations has been “steadily increasing” every year. ““I think it's an important thing for the ranch to do. It's an event solely about American Indians. We help plan and host it, but they pretty much run it.”
       A surprise part of the day was a presentation of an Indian blanket and detailed warhorse model to Eugene Redhawk Orner, a Mohawk Indian, Vietnam War veteran and Westside resident who served as master of ceremonies. The presentation came from City Parks, which owns Rock Ledge, in recognition of Orner's longtime efforts. “I didn't expect that,” he said afterward. “I just come out to promote the Native Americans.”

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Scenes from First Nations Day at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Oct. 14... LEFT: Ja’Ryl Mack of the Lakota tribe 
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