Spruce, Pikes Peak 2-way again with Bijou bridge open

       Soon all will be as it once was on the neighborhood streets near the Bijou bridge project.
       Already, Spruce Street and Pikes Peak Avenue are two-way streets again. Southbound Walnut Street's double left onto Colorado Avenue was being re-stored to its former single-left configuration this week, and the stoplight at Pikes Peak and Walnut - now set to flashing mode - will be removed by the end of the month, according to Kathie Haire of Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering.
       The changes are in response to the completion of the Bijou Street bridge, which opened to three lanes of traffic Oct. 1 and is slated to have all six lanes available Nov. 1.
       COSMIX work is continuing on the I-25/ Colorado Avenue bridge, but it is slated to be finished enough by Nov. 1 to allow traffic underneath to go back to four lanes (from three during heavy construction). The major stimulus for that change is the planned Nov. 1 closure of the Cimarron bridge - city officials hope to prevent east-west traffic jams.
       When the Bijou bridge was closed from January through September, motorists had been detoured south on Spruce (one-way from Bijou), west to Pikes Peak (one- way to the light at Walnut), and south on Walnut to Colorado.
       Haire said she'd heard of no accidents from the temporary one-ways, but Mike Morrissey, owner of Drive In Liquors near Spruce and Bijou, reported frequently seeing motorists going the wrong way on Spruce.

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