Pet cemetery to open at Humane Society

       The Faithful Friends Memorial Garden will be dedicated Saturday, Oct. 27 at 10 a.m. at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.
       “It's our hope that anyone who has lost a pet will appreciate this tribute to companion animals,” said Dr. Wes Metzler, executive director for the Humane Society. “That source of unconditional love is so important to people, and when we lose a pet, expressing that grief can help us heal from it.”
       The roughly half-acre landscaped area will allow people to bury their pets' ashes or simply to spread them over the ground, according to Randy Harrelson, a Humane Society spokesperson. Pets' names can be put on a large granite slab that will be placed on the site, he said. The granite can also hold individualized plaques, including pictures of the deceased pet.
       Revenues generated by pet memorials will benefit more than 35 humane programs, including the Animal Medical Fund, pet adoptions and the Foster Care program, said Ann Davenport, also a Humane Society spokesperson.
       The dedication ceremony will be followed by a Blessing of the Animals, co-hosted with Safe Place, a local pet rescue dedicated to working with terminally ill pet owners to find homes for their animals. One key intent of the blessing is to consecrate the burial area, Harrelson said.
       The Memorial Garden is on the east side of the Humane Society grounds. Pets of all types are welcome for the dedication, but must be able to behave appropriately, Davenport said.
       People will be able to access the garden without having to go through the Humane Society building, Harrelson noted. The Memorial Garden was a part of the original facilities plan when the Humane Society built its complex about eight years ago, but was not able to implement it until now, he added.
       For more information, call 473-1741 or go to

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