Paige overlooks city’s plight
       Fortunately, Scott Hente is my councilman; however I was interested in Sean Paige's interview [“Paige new D-3 councilman,” Oct. 8 Westside Pioneer].
       I can't see how the uses of the tax money could be more specific. Sixty five police officers lost, 20 some firemen, over 200 city employees, most of the parks, community centers. and swimming pools seems to me to be specific enough. Also his past as editorial page editor does not speak too well in my opinion. I still remember one of his predecessors in the mid-'60s who advocated no public education and to disband the police and fire departments. Apparently he wants all of us armed and with a ladder and hose. I also see no need for a termination date on the tax as I am sure Doug Bruce will shortly be petitioning for a repeal if it passes.
       The reluctance of these people to pay for necessities makes me wonder if they don't expect Care and Share to furnish some of their other needs.

J.F. Corcoran