‘We may never get it back’
       A safe and beautiful city is priceless. Colorado Springs has benefited from its reputation as a safe and beautiful place to live for almost 140 years. Since our city's founding in 1871, each generation of citizens has invested tax dollars to build the city we are proud of today. Each generation has supported first-rate police and fire departments and has created a park system that is the envy of cities nationwide.
       I think of our commonly owned city assets as investments that pay dividends to us citizens everyday. We depend on our police and fire departments to respond quickly; we enjoy our green neighborhood parks for family picnics, soccer games and safe playgrounds; we celebrate special events and honor our city's compelling history at our museum and historic site; and many rely uponpublic transit.
       If we citizens of today do not vote to maintain our city's 138-year-old investments, we will all lose big-time. We will lose property values; we will lose our green parks, swimming pools, museums and public transportation. We will lose our reputation as a safe and beautiful city. And once lost, we may never get it back.
       Vote yes on 2C; no on Issue 300.

Melissa Walker