Making it real in wolf study at Holmes

       Three wolves came to Holmes Middle School Oct. 12, culminating a three-week, multi-discipline course of study for the sixth-grade core taught by Josh Tomberlin and Anna Bentler.

Some of the sixth-graders in the Challenger Point core at Holmes Middle School enjoy a visit Oct. 12 from Zoya, a half-dog, half-wolf from the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation of Guffey. The foundation also brought down two wolf pups. The students had studied about wolves and fundraised for the foundation.
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       The wolves were brought in by the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation of Guffey. The 57 students in the teachers' Challenger Point core fundraised $400 for the foundation, with the help of Papa Murphy cards, Tomberlin and Bentler explained.
       On the day of the wolf visit, Challenger Point kids invited students from the other three sixth-grade cores to come by. The wolves were clearly a big hit. Zoya, an adult that's part wolf and part dog, was tame enough to be outside on a leash, and she let one sixth-grader after another give her a friendly hug. The other two wolves were puppies inside a metal cage.
       For the project, Tomberlin's and Bentler's students studied up on wolves, creating study boards focusing on aspects of the animals and providing presentations to explain what they'd learned. Information addressed such issues as differing species, how dogs evolved from wolves and types of howls. Graphs, maps and bibliographies were also required, Bentler said.
       The project “was a unique opportunity,” Tomberlin said. “We were able to tie it into the standards for all of our classes.” The main disciplines covered were language arts and history (Tomberlin) and science and math (Bentler).
       Helping out with the visit of the wolves was Tomberlin's mother, Lori Yoshimiya, who has volunteered at the foundation for about a year. It was also through her that the teacher found out about the foundation, he said.

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