Confluence Park a new place to play

       Confluence Park, featuring a variety of unique playground devices, recently opened to the public just east of I-25. Westsiders can drive to it by taking Colorado Avenue east, then turning right on Cimino (which becomes Conejos Street), or walk/bike to it by taking the Midland Trail east past Chestnut Street, under I-25 and across the new bridge over Fountain Creek (as seen in photo at right, looking east). The 21-acre park, part of a 60-acre redevelopment area west of the Colorado Springs downtown, also includes a covered pavilion, concrete pathways and a large grassy area called the Grand Oval. The bulk of the project cost was covered by an $11 million bond issue, approved in 1998. Next to the park is the former city gas works, which has been converted into an art facility.

Westside Pioneer photo