140-unit private subdivision being built above Midland area

       Grading has been getting underway this fall for one of the biggest projects hardly anybody knows about on the Westside.
       The main reason is that it's not easy to see. BC Villas is a 140-unit private subdivision of two-and three-bedroom homes on 17 ½ acres that's tucked away behind existing homes west of 21st Street. The work can be seen, in part, from Lower Gold Camp Road, just south of Village at Skyline.
       Grading for the north part of the project goes down a roughly 100-foot slope, nearly to Busch Avenue in the older Midland area. Although the development is private, it still had to meet city development standards. This includes geotechnical requirements regarding slopes, according to city engineer Steve Kuehster.
       The development will be filled in over time with one- and two-story modular homes, similar to an existing 54-unit private development - Community at Bear Creek - which neighbors BC Villas to the east and south.
       “The concept will be to bring in the home in pieces, put it together and then stucco the sides and put on a red-tiled roof,” explained Colorado Springs Planner James Mayerl. He added that, like Community at Bear Creek, the new development will have a homeowners association (HOA) that will be responsible for its private streets.
       According to plans, the construction will be done in two filings - 31 units, followed by 109.
       The development will have one sure access - a new road which will connect with Lower Gold Camp Road (just east of Village at Skyline). To access Eighth Street, an easement has been requested from the Community at Bear Creek HOA. This would allow BC Villas residents to use the Community's Brittania Road, which connects to Eighth by way of public streets (Pecan Street and Skyview Lane).
       The Community HOA is still considering the request because of questions of cost to the association in terms of increased pavement wear and tear. Also, concern has been expressed that the BC Villas property was originally planned as a Phase 2 of the Community at Bear Creek (under the same HOA), not as a separate development.
       BC Villas is owned by a group called Monument Valley Development, LLC (Jim Wright, president). “It's a really interesting project,” Wright said, adding his hope that the Community HOA will agree to the easement. “It's a good front door there,” he said.
       BC Villas has previously been known as Bear Creek Terraces and later Bear Creek Villas. According to Mayerl, the name was shortened to avoid confusion with a concurrent development farther south on Eighth Street, called Villas at Bear Creek.

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