New ‘clean coal’ technology at Martin Drake

       New emissions control technology will go into Colorado Springs Utilities' Martin Drake Power Plant, based on a $73.5 million contract with the Neumann Systems Group (NSG)
       The NeuStream technology will remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the emissions of the coal-fired plant downtown, complying with new regional haze air pollution requirements in Colorado and “supporting the concept of clean coal for power generation, a Utilities press release states.
       According to Scott Hente, president of City Council (which makes him chairman of the Utilities' board), “This is great news for our community. NeuStream will save money for Colorado Springs Utilities' ratepayers because it will be installed at lower cost than traditional scrubbing technology and will require fewer operating and maintenance expenditures.”
       NSG projects that local job creation will result, as “numerous local firms are expected to participate in the design, manufacturing and construction associated with the project,” the release adds.
       The contract includes the potential for NSG to earn an incentive based on meeting cost and performance goals.
       Work is slated to begin this fall and the project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

From a press release