Cornstalk sales could help bring back goats

       Fundraising to bring the weed-eating goat herd back this fall, the Bear Creek Garden Association will be selling decorative cornstalks this weekend, Oct. 15-16 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days
       The location will be Bear Creek Park East, southeast of 21st and Rio Grande streets.
       The stalks, recently picked from the garden, are available in three sizes - small, $5; medium, $8; and tall, $10. People are also welcome to donate any amount they like, with all contributions going to the goat fund, according to Char Nymann of the association.
       Donations are tax-deductible. The nonprofit association focuses on organic gardening. Its members, who tend individual plots in the two-acre garden, hope to raise enough money to bring a herd of 500 or more goats from Wyoming to Bear Creek Park this fall, eating weeds in the 20 acres around the garden “so that no weed-killing chemicals are used in this area of the park,” said Karen Flitton, also of the association.
       About 100 of the Wyoming goats were trucked here for the Sept. 24 Great Parks Festival. According to Flitton, association fundraising during the event paid for that visit, but additional money is needed to bring a larger herd down. The association tries to bring in the goats at least once a year. Weed control is necessary in the county park under state law requiring action against noxious weeds.

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