Fisk reiterates debate challenge
       To my friends and neighbors. By now most of you are aware of the controversy surrounding my opponent's refusal to debate me one-on-one. You may also know that even after my campaign accommodated every single request Mr. [State Representative Michael] Merrifield made, including being willing to have Senator Jones and Mr. Morse present, he still backed out of the Oct. 10 scheduled debate. By refusing to attend his own debate, it's clear that my opponent does not want to discuss his voting record or last four years as an ineffective legislator. You deserve to hear from your Statehouse candidates in an open and public forum. My opponent promised to debate me and has yet to keep that promise. It seems empty promises are all we get from our current representative.
       Representative Merrifield promised to take any plan developed by the Westside on the proposed Hwy 24 expansion to the Colorado Department of Transportation. However, he has failed to be a pro-active advocate on the “Do No Harm Plan” or subsequent neighborhood ideas. He promised to help our senior citizens with their energy costs and yet proposed $60 million in new utility taxes that would hurt our elderly during cold winters. My opponent promised to work hard for our small- business community, claiming to be their friend, yet sponsored legislation regarding the business personal property tax that was so opposed by local business leaders he withdrew his own bill.
       On Nov. 7, the choice is yours: powerful voice for the people or ineffective incumbent; defender of our kids' education or politician beholden to special-interest groups; empowering small business to create jobs or stifling business through overregulation. You deserve better, and I respectfully ask for your vote. 232-0937 (personal cell phone) kyle@kylefisk.com.
       Mr. Merrifield: Face your constituents. I'll debate you, one-on-one, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Kyle Fisk, Republican candidate for Colorado House District 18