Martinez may get all wet, but reading isn’t

       If there's anyone who should be hoping for warm weather Friday evening, Oct. 20, it's Washington Principal Terry Martinez.
       That's when he will position himself in a “dunk tank” for the Westside elementary school's outdoor fall carnival.
       The self-sacrifice is for a worthy cause. The only students who will get to throw balls at the tank target will be those who have met Martinez' “Dunk Tank Reading Challenge” - 20 minutes each night from Oct. 13 to 19.
       Asked how many students might do that, Martinez guessed possibly half the school. That means he could potentially splash into the water at the hands of 140 to 150 students, each of whom will have three balls to toss his way.
       Might any of these miss intentionally, out of compassion for his noble cause? Negative, the principal replied. “They're very focused.”
       But he says he's looking forward to the event. “My goal is to improve reading,” he said. “Whatever it takes.”

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