Jones won’t debate Morse; Fisk still after Merrifield

       Will there ever be a debate between Michael Merrifield and Kyle Fisk?
       The issue remained up in the air this week, based on an announcement by the campaign for Republican District 11 State Senator Ed Jones that he will not debate Democrat challenger John Morse.
       The senatorial race became part of the picture when Merrifield, the incumbent District 18 house representative, recently pulled out of a tentatively scheduled debate with Fisk after stating that any such event must also include a one-on-one between Morse and Jones.
       At the Alliance for Kids forum attended by the local candidates Oct. 10, Morse challenged Jones to a debate in his closing statement. Jones, who had already given his closing statement, left the forum without comment. However, Sarah Jack, Jones' campaign manager, told the Westside Pioneer Oct. 11 that as the incumbent, Jones doesn't have the time or the inclination to debate Morse, though he will continue to participate in already-scheduled candidate forums in addition to his door-to- door campaigning.
       “We as a campaign regarded it (Morse's challenge) as a cheap political stunt,” Jack said, adding that Jones believes the debate issue is between Fisk and Merrifeld. “Ed doesn't need to get involved just because Merrifield is afraid of taking on Kyle one-on-one without someone else there.”
       The debate issue was first raised at the forum by Fisk, who used his opening statement to allege that Merrifield had backed out of their debate, and as a result “the voters didn't get what they deserve.” He repeated his debate challenge in his closing remarks.
       Merrifield responded during part of his allotted 60-second time on the first forum question - related to child education - charging that Fisk “is not a strong enough leader to get Ed Jones to debate John Morse.”

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