No more walking to the polls
       As an urbanite, I have always had the luxury of being able to walk to my polling place. I would meet and talk to neighbors who were also voting, or sometimes working the polls. It gave a tangible sense of community to the electoral process. My polling place was in my neighborhood and was in easy walking distance.
       But after being redistricted from old Precinct 55 to new Precinct 102 (and from Statehouse District 18 to 20 and from State Senate District 11 to 9), my polling place is now Chipeta Elementary, which is miles and miles away, in the Mountain Shadows area.
       How my polling place could be so far away was a mystery until I saw the new precinct map in the Sept. 27 Westside Pioneer. Precinct 102 is a very long strip running north-south. I'm at the south end, and the polling place is at the north end - farther away than any point in several other precincts.
       But the County Clerk's Office had one more surprise for me: All four of the early voting locations are even farther away than my new polling place. I have heard that they have been encouraging people to vote by mail. The method they came up with in my case would be hard to beat for effectiveness. It was a simple matter to go on line and request mail-in ballots for all elections. But I will miss the Election Day ritual of walking to the polls.

Kurt Foster