Ore cart finds new home in Old Town

       A cart that once rolled gold ore through the El Paso Mine deep below Victor and Cripple Creek has surfaced at the northeast corner of 27th Street and Colorado Avenue. Standing with the historic gold-ore cart that was recently
installed at the northeast corrner of 27th Street and
Colorado Avenue are (from left) cart seller Daniel Roy, Old
Colorado City Security & Maintenance District committee
member Jim Heikes, district employee Dave Porter, district
chair Judy Kasten and City Parks liaison Dan Gieck. The
committee looked for an ore cart as a way to honor the area’s heritage and spruce up that corner.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Laden with several chunks of gold ore, the cart sits on a short segment of railroad track and ties (also from the mine). Its presence perks up that corner and honors a key part of local history, according to Judy Kasten, chair of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Committee, which planned the display.
       “We owe it to the miners,” she said, referring to a past that included several Old Town-area gold mills and strong ties to Cripple Creek's mines into the mid-1900s. “They're the foundation of what we are.”
       The district bought the cart for $1,200 from Daniel Roy, whose father worked in the Victor-Cripple Creek mines. Roy donated the track, ties and gold ore as part of the deal. The unmilled ore has no value, he noted.
       District maintenance employee Dave Porter installed the display last week. The cart's wheels are welded to the track.
       A metal inscription has been put on the side of the cart, that reads: “El Paso Gold Mine - 1890-1961 - Cripple Creek-Victor, CO.”
       Having heard that old ore carts were available, the Security and Maintenance Committee had been scouting around for one this past summer. Jim Heikes, a committee member (and also president of the Old Colorado City Associates merchants group board), said he discovered Roy's cart while “I was out riding my Harley.”

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