EDITOR'S DESK: A happy announcement

       It doesn't make sense. We don't make sense. Wait, let me rephrase that. I guess I must be feeling a little giddy. The reason? The Westside Pioneer's circulation numbers keep climbing.
       At a time when print journalism has been declared dead so often that it's amazing a printing press can still be found, the facts are undeniable. You folks out there must not be listening to the experts. You keep picking up our newspaper and taking it home with you.
       It's not like the Internet, where a person can sign on with some service to measure the number of "hits" a website has gotten from people across the globe, then dig deeper to determine "unique hits" or what days of the week or time of day or how long they lingered and so on and so on.
       No, our system is a little less technical. We check our news racks during the week. If they're getting low, we refill them. If we don't have enough papers to do that, we talk amongst ourselves and maybe add another 100 papers to the next week's print run.
       This has been going on awhile now. When Therese and I started the Pioneer in January 2004, we decided on a run of 3,000 papers. This seemed like a reasonable start, considering that our coverage area - north to Garden of the Gods Road, east to I-25, south to the Cheyenne area and west to Manitou Springs - is estimated to have 30,000 residents.
       It's helped that we've been able to add outlets over time and build up a 300-plus subscription base. And maybe we're doing something right in having a newspaper that devotes itself exclusively to the Westside. In any case, this last summer we found ourselves printing 4,600 papers. Since Labor Day, we've kept waiting for the numbers to tail off. But they haven't. We may yet settle back to 4,500 when winter comes, but for now 4,600 it is.
       Readers, we welcome you and we'll do our best to keep you posted. Advertisers, there's always room for more and we're happy to work with you. And as for you experts, well... we'll only believe you when you say you don't understand this either.

- K.J.