Closure set for Cimarron bridge: Nov. 1-May 15

       Firm plans for the upcoming Cimarron bridge project were announced at the Oct. 8 meeting of the Colorado Springs City Council.
       The remaining half of the old bridge will close in the “wee hours” of Nov. 1 to allow crews from contractor Lawrence Construction to begin tearing it down, City Engineer Cam McNair said. Some preliminary work will have already started in mid-October.
       The new bridge is to have a partial opening May 15. There will be two lanes each way, but the acceleration lanes will be closed to allow work on sidewalks, bike lanes and the bridge's ornamental aspects, according to Mary Scott of City Public Communi-cations.
       The contract includes penalties of $1,500 for each day past May 15, she noted.
       Full completion is scheduled Aug. 25.
       The bridge spans Conejos Street and the railroad tracks.
       Related changes that drivers can expect are the following:
  • All four lanes on Colorado Avenue under I-25 will be open starting Nov. 1. (During the ongoing COSMIX I-25 widening project, there have been only three lanes - two eastbound, one westbound.)
  • Traffic signal timing will be “adjusted” at the Cimarron interchange at I-25 (which will become like a T-intersection with the bridge closure), according to Dave Krauth of City Traffic Engineering. Responding to a question from Council member Randy Purvis about possible westbound left-turn backups at Eighth Street and Colorado Avenue, Krauth said his crews “will be looking at” that intersection, as well as others in the area.
  • Signs will be erected to remind people of commercial areas downtown and off Eighth Street that might be overlooked because of the construction.

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