Heads up!
Old Town walk buttons made to be like that

       A reader expressed a safety concern regarding the pedestrian walk buttons at Colorado Avenue and 25th, 26th and 27th streets. After follow-up observation, the Westside Pioneer e-mailed Rob Helt of City Traffic Engineering, as follows:
       “We recently noticed a change in the walk button functionality at the Old Colorado City intersections on Colorado Avenue. Instead of an automatic walk for pedestrians crossing east-west (with the avenue), they have to push the button. And, with only one button for either direction, it's a little comical, because we've seen people push the button to get a walk light one way - not realizing that in so doing they are actually triggering the walk light for the other way. There are other complications as well, such as when people don't realize they should push the button at all, and the green time (to cross the avenue) is less, causing potential conflicts with cars.”
       Helt replied, as follows: “The automatic walk for the main street pedestrian phase was eliminated to provide better response for the fire engine-priority green system. The system cannot terminate a walk interval, so the system can be sluggish and not efficient in moving the fire truck along. The pedestrian button does bring up both phases of pedestrian movements. The one button per pole was our standard for many years and is generally accepted around the U.S. The buttons were all checked and the signs at each location were also checked before we made the changes.”

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