Pedestrian light certain for 24th & Colorado

       A pedestrian-activated crossing light will be installed at 24th Street and Colorado Avenue.
       Scott Logan of Traffic Engineering said the light is being built by his department and could be operational within a month. Greg Warnke of City Parking said the money (estimated to cost less than $15,000) will come from parking funds.
       The goal is to improve safety for people crossing the avenue - a common sight during summer months, when the Farmers' Market sets up or there are activities in Bancroft Park.
       The proposal for such a light emerged at a meeting of the advisory committee for the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Sept. 3. City Traffic Engineering. Committee members (all property owners in the historic district) liked the idea, but it was uncertain at the time if money could be found for it.
       Located on the west side of the instersection, the apparatus would use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and be for pedestrians only. Pressing a button would cause the LEDs to flash red to drivers in either direction.
       Old Town property owners (many also merchants) have long complained about speeding and unsafe pedestrian conditions along the avenue.

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