Agrees with Clark in favor of 1A
       Commissioner Sallie Clark's guest column [Oct. 2 Westside Pioneer] recommending that we vote yes on 1A, the Safer Community Initiative, reflected the work of the Citizens for Effective Government. The organization spent more than a year wrestling with several problems that affect us all: We cannot address rising crime trends and bulging jails with fewer law-enforcement officers, for example, and the public health needs of a growing population require more, not less, staffing and equipment.
       In writing that “the tipping point is here,” Clark explained that El Paso County's operating budget is short and the county cannot address many capital and maintenance projects currently. What she did not mention is the possibility that the county could lose revenues in the kind of economic slump widely predicted ahead. In the face of such uncertainty, it is even more important to support Initiative 1A to broaden the funding base for community safety.

Wynn Miller