New restaurant in former fire station

       Back in his home state of Oklahoma, Joe Tresner learned the art of southern-style barbecuing from “an old Texas boy.” Westsiders and others can start tasting that flavor when he and his wife Kari open the Firehouse restaurant in mid-October at 817 W. Colorado Ave.
       The irony with the business name is that the Tresners, new to the area, decided on it before they found out that the 89-year-old building had in fact been a fire station. According to Westsider Sallie Clark, it was the former Station 3, the twin to Station 4 off Institute Street which is now owned by the Fire Museum.
       Pleased at the news, the Firehouse owners have begun looking for historic fire-station items that might be displayed in their restaurant. Also, they're establishing a policy that offers half-price to all firefighters (as well as police, EMS personnel and military) in uniform. “They're out serving us every day,” Kari explained.
       To emphasize the Firehouse theme, the exterior brick has been painted red (restoring the original brick was out of the question because so many previous paint layers were already on it, the Tresners noted).
       The interior, including a bar, has been cleaned up considerably, but will have the same basic layout as that of the previous restaurant at that location (Fanz). A liquor license has been applied for.
       The business will have family support from Kari's brother, Rick Edwards, and his wife Joy, who were previously living in Colorado Springs.
       Kari's side of the family also has cooking experience. Her father was a butcher and “everyone in our family loves to cook,” she said. She and Joe met in Arizona, established a catering business in Winslow, then decided to move to Colorado Springs after an enjoyable vacation here.
       The restaurant will use an “old-time” 6-by-6-by-4-foot smoker that can handle 250 pounds of meat at one time, Joe said.
       Free deliveries will be available within a defined area around the restaurant.
       The business will be open Tuesdays through Sundays. The phone is 447-8829.

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