EDITORíS DESK: At least we still have the parade

       Easy to get the blues these days, with the economy in the tank. Never mind the divisive nature of this election; we all have one thing in common: being noticeably poorer than we were a month ago.
       But not to mind! The annual Coronado High School parade was back Oct. 4. And there were those kids again, having a blast and revving up the school spirit. What a great job the feeder schools did too, coming through with strong turnouts and some excellent floats and costumes, all of this helping give Coronado the jolly (though non-remunerative) honor of organizing the biggest high school homecoming parade in the state this year.
       Such things do not just happen, of course. Coronado and its feeders are an extension of the Westside, which through mystical forces of history, tradition and being the center of the universe, keeps producing kids who somehow go against the jaded grain of modern society, still liking good, clean fun and still thinking it's kind of special to have a high school for their side of town. A neat example during the parade was the school cheerleaders. When I heard about a new edict this year against parade participants throwing candy to the crowd - undoubtedly due to a moronic lawsuit that was filed somewhere - my first thought was, well, that's the end of one more little fun thing. So it was a joy to see the cheer girls running from curb to curb handing candy personally to munchkins in the crowd.
       And there in the parade was even Andrew Ives, last year's student body president, he who taught everyone the lyrics to the school fight song, now graduated and in college, but nonetheless dressed in red and gold and cruising along on his skateboard.
       So, yes, no question, it was grand to see those zany kids descend once more on Old Town. It will be a sad day if the parade ever ends - which is a real concern with the city's pricey new safety requirements (fortunately delayed till next year). Yet somehow I think that as long as the will exists to keep it going, nothing can stop it. Like the Westside itself. Now, if we could just plug that into the economy...

- K.J.