Lower density in the works for ‘Broadview Terraces’

       The density of part of an approved private subdivision plan northwest of Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street would be reduced under a proposal to City Planning.
       Jon Schlichting, manager of Broadview Terraces LLC, the new property owner, said the “tentative” overall goal for the 17.5 acres is to lower the number of housing units from the previously approved 140 to about 85. The current submittal to the city, which he called “Phase 1,” asks to replat 2.8 of those acres, vacating lot lines in 20 of 36 lots so that there would only be 26 overall.
       Another part of the current request is to change the subdivision name, from Bear Creek Villas to Broadview Terraces. Before that, it had been called Bear Creek Terraces.
       The new name emphasizes the new owners' delight in the property's “excellent location with beautiful views,” said Schlichting, a California resident. Because of this, larger lots (instead of the previous duplexes) would be a better use of the property, resulting in single-family homes that would be attractive for “empty nesters and young families both,” he said.
       A small number of homes on the platted area have been built already. These properties would be unchanged by the project.
       The previously approved street layout for the 17 ½ acres is also unchanged. It currently allows access from Lower Gold Camp as well as from 21st Street through a neighboring 54-unit private development - Community at Bear Creek.
       Community at Bear Creek residents have a standing complaint (initially against previous owners of Broadview Terraces) about ownership of three lots and the use of one of their private streets to get to Broadview via 21st. The current replat does not touch on these issues, said Jack Scheurman, lawyer for the Community's homeowners association, but he did point out that the reduced density “benefits us.”
       Even with a speedy city approval, Schlichting said he does not expect housing construction to start before next year, because of the tight housing market.
       The two formal requests to the city from Broadview Terraces LLC seek:
       “A minor amendment to the Bear Creek Villas Filing No. 1 Development Plan consisting of 2.80 acres. This amendment is to reduce the number of lots from 36 lots 1 tract to 26 lots and 1 tract.”
       Final subdivision plat approval of Broadview Terraces consisting of 26 lots and 1 tract on 2.80 acres.
       Neither request needs to go to the city Planning Commission, but can be administratively approved, according to Heather Rose of City Planning.

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