School volunteers needed
By Gail Worm

       Today I reach out in an attempt to increase the awareness on the Westside of the importance and reward of volunteering at our local schools. Too often parents,

Gail Worm
grandparents, other family members and people in the community resist the urge to become involved because they don't have time, can't handle the additional responsibility, don't possess necessary knowledge or skills, or simply don't know how to get involved. I am here to tell you, we need you and we want your involvement! If you have 20 minutes a day, once every other week, or two hours every day or anything in between, we can find a place for you! Your participation can be as involved as you'd like! If you can put papers in a folder, put away library books, read with a child, work with math flash cards, help with class parties, go on field trips, be a guest speaker, help translate newsletters or assist as a translator between families and staff, or are willing to just lend a hand assisting teachers and other staff, we're happy to accept any help you're willing to give.
       This is my second year as volunteer coordinator for Midland International Elementary; however, my history with this school goes back to my days as a student from 1978-1985. Now I have a son in fifth grade and a daughter in second grade, and the hours I have spent volunteering in the last six years have been some of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences of my life.
       This year, Midland has seen a significant increase in enrollment due to the Westside elementary school closures, but not a large increase in parental and community involvement. I am searching out any opportunity to help shine a light on our need for volunteers to assist in a wide variety of roles to improve our children's overall educational experience. I strongly encourage everyone to take that step to get involved and make a positive impact on the lives of our children and your own.
       To get involved: Call your neighborhood school, contact the PTA (attend the next PTA meeting!), stop by the front office and fill out a Volunteer Registration form, or go online to (click on the Volunteer Services link) to register and find out about opportunities.

Gail Worm is a mother of two, the Midland Elementary PTA secretary, the Midland volunteer coordinator, a Colorado Springs native and, as she puts it, “a proud member of the Westside community.”