Fire Station 5 sets open house Oct. 10

       An open house is scheduled at Fire Station 5 Saturday, Oct. 10.
       People are invited to drop in anytime between 7 and 10 p.m., according to Fire Lt. Kevin Bird.
       No formal program is planned, but visitors will get a chance to tour the building at 2830 W. Colorado Ave., look at the vehicles, enjoy refreshments and view a Powerpoint presentation. “People can say hi and look around,” Bird said.
       A flyer that he and others from Fire Station 5 were handing out this week elaborates that the open house is a chance to “familiarize yourself with 'your' neighborhood fire station. Learn about firefighting, emergency medical services and rescues in our community - what we do and how we do it. Ask questions and get to know the firefighters in your area.”
       The timing for the open house is geared to Fire Prevention Month, Bird said.
       For those who can't make the Oct. 10 open house, Bird noted that it's OK to come by and ring the fire station doorbell other days. Visitors routinely get shown around, assuming the shift on duty isn't busy on a call or with other firefighting business.
       Fire Station 5 is manned 24 hours a day.

Westside Pioneer/press release