EDITORíS DESK: Our new District 3 councilman

       Congratulations to Sean Paige, our newly appointed District 3 City Council member, and now we'll wait and see. I don't mean to sound negative, but there are two things going on here. One is that we are losing Jerry Heimlicher, who over the past six years had carried on a tradition of hands-on representation and grassroots involvement in the spririt of predecessors Leon Young and Sallie Clark. The second thing is that in Sean Paige we are getting someone who has made no secret of his limited-government views; he was, after all, a Gazette editorialist from 2002 to 2007. Now, I don't doubt that many of us will appreciate his support of businesses, big and small, but with his reluctance for government to interfere with commerce, how proactive might that support be? For example, partly to help businesses in "No Man's Land," City Council last year supported City Engineering's proposal to take over maintenance of Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street from the state. The hope (vain, as it turned out) was that doing so would inspire the state to provide millions in infrastructure funds. Would Paige have backed that idea? Or how about the government programs that helped business owners revitalize Old Colorado City in the first place, back in the 1970s and '80s? According to Dave Hughes, that era's ramrod, the Gazette fought it every inch of the way. Finally, Paige has gone on record as opposing Question 2C, the property-tax increase that could save Rock Ledge Ranch and the West Center, among other things.
       All I can say is, when I talked to Sean on the phone this week, he pledged to listen to folks and to get up to speed (he definitely isn't now) on Westside affairs. We really should give the devil his due. Wait, there's a better way of saying that.

- K.J.