Garden work bonds school staff, citizens

       About 10 West Middle School staff, students and citizens worked together on a planting effort at the southeast corner of the school property the morning of Oct. 2.
       “It's something to do to help the school,” said Katie O'Brien, a seventh-grader, between shovelfuls of dirt.
       The group was preparing the soil to plant day lilies, chrysanthemums, 4 o'clocks and marigolds.
       Another seventh-grader Raymond Rogers, has been in school less than a week since transferring from Austin, Texas. “I thought it would be fun,” he commented. “I do my mom's garden all the time.”
       The effort was the first organized by the school's newly formed Community Liaison Committee. The group hopes to organize additional activities to tie local residents closer to West.
       Leading the crew was school janitor Norm Relaford, who is a graduate of the school. “My whole family went here,” he said. “So I have a vested interest in this.”
       Among the citizen in the group was Relaford's sister, Sharon Sintas. “I'll have a grandson who will go here in a couple of years,” she said. “Maybe it will look better then.”

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