Temporary parking lot moves Red Rock closer to opening
United Way handling signups for Oct. 22 workday

       Work on a temporary parking lot at Red Rock Canyon Open Space was nearing completion this week.
       The gravel lot, located just off the Ridge Road/High Street access from Highway 24, will hold 20 to 30 cars, according to Terry Putman, manager of the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) program for Colorado Springs Parks.
       The completion will not mean the opening of the park… just yet. Putman said that signs still need to be erected, and “we're still beating the bushes, looking for hazards” on the 788.1-acre property that was owned for 80 years by the Bock family before being bought as open space with TOPS sales-tax money last December.
       Another element is the hiring of a ranger for the rugged property, Putman said. The individual would work full-time at the site (but not live there) and would take care of “all the little details” involved in opening and maintaining such a large public property, he said.
       In further preparation for the opening, another trail/cleanup workday is scheduled at Red Rock Canyon Friday, Oct. 22, in conjunction with the United Way. Volunteers are welcome, and should sign up through the United Way at 955-0741. Colorado Springs Parks will still coordinate the Red Rock volunteers, as in previous workdays in August and September, according to Parks Volunteer Coordinator Kim King. She said the city hopes to get as many as 150 signups.

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