Presentations on RTA, West ‘front yard’ at OWN town meeting Oct. 14

       A presentation on the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) is scheduled at the monthly town meeting of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) Thursday, October 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the West Intergenerational Center, 25 N. 20th St. (on the west side of West Middle School).
       The public is encouraged to attend, and comments are welcomed.
       The RTA, ballot initiative 1A in the Nov. 2 election, will ask voters to approve a 1-cent sales tax to pay the cost of various new roads, road repairs and mass transit over a 10-year span. Seven Westside projects are among the 75 projects on the list. The RTA website is
       Another presentation at the OWN meeting will be from West Middle School representatives, requesting public input on the school's landscaping plan for for a better-looking “front yard” on Pikes Peak Avenue.
       Also, OWN members will provide updates on local development issues, the historic overlay plan and Westside events.
       “This is a wonderful opportunity for our Westside residents to meet and discuss issues specific to our area,” said OWN Vice President Kristine Van Wert. “Town meetings allow the constituents we serve to take an active part in OWN. Our goal is neighborhood outreach and advocacy.”
       For more information, contact Kristine Van Wert at 630-2155 or Rose Kliewer at 575-9897.

From a press release