City Planning smiles on Gold Hill Mesa development plan

       Recommendations for approval from Colorado Springs Planning accompany the Gold Hill Mesa concept and development plan submissions to City Plan-ning Commission.
       “There is a benefit to the community and neighborhood from the development of this property,” reads a statement from City Planner James Mayerl in the packet that was provided to the commission before its Thursday, Oct. 7 meeting. “The site has been an eyesore in the community for many years… City staff does support the development of this project in a way that improves the appearance while meeting the goals, objectives and strategies of the Comprehensive Plan.” The concept plan calls for a mix of homes and businesses on 140 of the roughly 210 acres on the Gold Hill property, which has lain dormant since gold-milling ended at the site in 1949. Construction would take place over an unspecified number of years in five phases. The earliest immediate impact would come from Phase 1, which is covered in the development plan request for 168 homes in a Filing 1 and 138 in a Filing 2. The filings are side by side, north of Lower Gold Camp Road, on a total of about 52 acres.
       The building proposal is from a group of investors named Gold Hill Mesa Township, LLC, which has been working with city planners on development issues for about two years. Also included in the submission to Planning Commission is a subdivision plat and a request for a non-use variance regarding setbacks and lot coverage.
       Approval from the Planning Commission would send the proposal to City Council, possibly later this month.

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