EDITORíS DESK: From unassuming to inexplicable

       Ever noticed the unassuming nature of so many of the Westside's best people? Examples can be found in two individuals featured this issue (Gary Cummings and Martha Atencio).
       There seems to be something about this part of the world that attracts talented folk who mercifully lack the relentless ambition that is often associated (rightly or wrongly) with New York City. I mean, isn't New York where people tend to go in hopes of being "recognized," perhaps making their fortune? The Colorado Springs Westside, on the other hand, seems to be where people go just to live their lives - and to beans with fame and glory (not to mention fortune). Anyway, kudos to Gary for a great mural at Whittier and to Martha for shining her individual light on her customers' lives...
       I'm curious about people's reaction to the story this issue about School District 11 allowing girls to compete in boys wrestling in the middle schools . Frankly, both my eyebrows shot up at the discovery that such a landmark decision was made without a public process. I also don't follow how district administrators, presumably opposed to inappropriate physical contact, could sanction a scenario that makes such contact unavoidable. They claim they're just following the law, but no lawyer told them they had to it. They initated this change on their own.

- K.J.