COBWEB CORNERS: A walk on the Avenue: Part 5

By Mel McFarland

       We are still visiting Colorado Avenue, this time in 1923. Much has changed, some the same. The number of homes along the way, as you may expect, is more than last week. Many of the names of the families along the way are easily recognized by me as employees at either the Midland or the mill.
       At 21st Street, the store belongs to Micci and Bonicelli, on the corner across from Sacred Heart is the Sonnekson's house. He had been with the Colorado Midland from 1887 until it was torn out in 1921. There were a few places along the street that were not homes, like at 2225 where Dr. Fanning had his office, and 2307 where Harry Brooks had his garage. Up at 2325 was the West Side Wall Paper store, with all the latest prints. Across the street was a Sinclair gas station at 2331.
       In the 2400 block was the big change, Bancroft Park was not there. Temporarily West Junior was using the old Colorado City High School while the new West building was being finished (at its current location on Pikes Peak Avenue). Across the street, along the south side, sat Bond Furniture, Chamberlin Realty, Schweikhard Garage, McDonald & Huff Feed Store, and Thrasher's Grocery Store with the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Hall upstairs. In the same block were Bert Essex Paint, Taylor's Department Store, Cross & Son Candy Store, West End Hardware, and City National Bank with the National Hotel upstairs. Between here and the Isis Theater, on the north side of the corner at 25th, was a shoe store, Ogle Electric and Jewelry. Yarchover Dry Goods, Tadlock's Pharmacy and Huffman Bakery. On the south side was another real estate office, shoe store, barber shop, Rogers Grocery, Wirth & Kniplack Furniture, Beebe Billiard Hall and Arapahoe Grocery on the corner.
       In the next block there were no less than six grocery stores! At 2506, Chandler's Variety store had the Woodmen of the World hall upstairs. Before Sno-White, there was Sanitary Wet Wash at 2517. At 2524, how about Ideal Sulphur baths? Several businesses were vacant along here, but mainly we find homes. Louis Unser was living at 2716, and C.H Clark had a second-hand store at 2732. Up at the old City Hall at 2902, they bottled Coca Cola! Beyond here there were mainly houses, and no businesses. Oh, the "new" City Hall was at 26th and Cucharras, but that is another story.