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Utilities: After Drake Power Plant repairs, residential electric rates lower than before fire

       Sixteen weeks after a structure fire at the Martin Drake Power Plant, Unit 7 is back online operating at full capacity on coal. Unit 7 is the largest generating unit at the downtown plant. Combine its generation along with that of Unit 6, which came back online June 25, and the plant is back to producing 80 percent of its capacity.
       With this development, coupled with lower fuel and purchase power projections, City Council voted to lower the Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA) rate, effective Sept. 12, bringing down the typical residential electric bill by $4.02. This reduction, in addition to the $1.68 ECA decrease in July when Unit 6 came back online, makes the typical residential electric bill now lower than before the fire.

From Connection (Colorado Springs Utilities' monthly newsletter), October 2014
(Posted 10/9/14; Community: Ongoing Issues)

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