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Single-family plan for Uintah Bluffs at Planning Commission Oct. 16

A drawing that's part of the Uintah Bluffs submittal shows the 13-acre property, with the access from Manitou Boulevard leading into a cul-de-sac, with homes along either side. Also included in the rendering is a trail through Uintah Bluffs, connecting open-space areas to the east and west. The "Bristol Mesa Open Space" to the left (west side) of Uintah Bluffs is part of Colorado Springs Utilities property maintained by Colorado Springs Parks. Bristol Park, next to Bristol School (neither of which is shown), is at the base of the hill on the east side of Uintah Bluffs.
Courtesy of NES
       A newly revised plan for the Uintah Bluffs subdivision is on the agenda for the Colorado Springs Planning Commission meeting Thursday, Oct. 16.
       Recommended for approval by assigned city planner Mike Schultz, the proposal is for 31 single-family homes on 13 acres. The location is on a plateau south of Uintah Street and west of Bristol School. Access is to be from Manitou Boulevard, just to the west.
       The developer is Matt Craddock of Craddock Companies, working with NES, a private planning firm, and doing business as “Uintah Bluffs LLC.”
       The proposal scales back a a plan the city approved in 2012 on the same site for 52 townhomes. The 31 homes is even less than the 35-home plan Craddock had submitted to the city last spring but then withdrew to make further revisions.
       The formal requests are for a change of zone from planned unit development (PUD) for attached homes to a PUD for single-family detached homes; and for a new development plan.
       Craddock has been seeking a development fit for the site since 2006, finally deciding that single-family makes economic sense.
       A Project Statement from the developer, which is included in the submittal, emphasizes the reduction in density. “This plan will reduce impacts on streets, parks, schools and utility capacity,” the statement asserts, adding that “a significant amount of the project site is preserved in open space.”
       Access is planned from Manitou Boulevard, leading to a cul-de-sac through the northwest portion of the acreage, with homes lining the street on either side. That area of the site was chosen in large part for development because the slopes are less extreme there, Craddock has previously explained. However, some grading would still be required.
       As envisioned, homes would be ranch style, up to two stories in height.
       The project plans include a right of way for a public trail to access Bristol Park (east of Uintah Bluffs) and Bristol Mesa Open Space (west of it).
       No neighborhood groups have announced opposition to the current plans, although one property owner has complained because of his proximity to the private road connection at Manitou Boulevard. Project plans do call for screening the road with a fence and landscaping.
       The Planning Commission meeting will be in City Hall Council Chambers, 107 N. Nevada Ave., starting at 8:30 a.m.

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