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List of new teachers, other educational staff in Westside public schools for 2014-15

       The following lists the teachers and other educational staff hired at each District 11 school on the Westside for the 2014-15 school year:

       Bristol: Kathy Maynard, kindergarten; Rhonda Freeman, second grade.
       Buena Vista Montessori: Val Segerson, gifted and talented (GT).
       Howbert: Rebecca Ashlock, fourth grade; Christopher Drullard, fourth grade; Chelsea Green, fifth grade; Vickie Darpino, vocal music; Rachel Rumple, special education (SPED) … Both Green and Ashlock formerly attended Howbert.
       Jackson: Morgan Kelly, second grade; Kate Essick, third grade; Jenny Hodur, third grade; Fran Hodson, fourth/fifth grade; Carrie Hart, SPED; Amber Young, English language learning (ELL); Nancy Henderlong, preschool. Other staff - Sharon Thomas, counselor; Rich Ives and Josie Adamson, classroom aides
       Midland: Patty Donovan, librarian.
       West: Rebecca Jones, first grade; Bart Mann, fifth grade; Theresa Crum, literary resource teacher (LRT); Janell Abu-Okal, SPED (also for West Middle); Justin Jergensen, physical education (PE) . Other staff - Debbie Ritch, staff assistant.

       Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (charter school): Linda Peterson and Anthony Szpak, Grades 7-8 (Division 5).

       Holmes: Katie Odens, Spanish; Amber Niskern, choir; Karen Kelling, gifted and talented; Kathleen Lynch, eighth-grade math; Stephanie Marsh, seventh-grade math; Felicity Seth and John Urbanski, SPED; Andy Wojtalewicz, gym; Lance May, tutorial.
       West: Amy Tomerlin; sixth-grade math; Kevin Edens, grades 6-7 social studies; Deena Smith, music; Amidon Schar, SPED; Other staff - Nick Liles, counselor/social worker; Rhea Murphy, staff assistant/counseling; Irma Valerio-Garcia and Wendy Vasu, intervention.

       Coronado: Erin King and Tyler Philipsen, English; Brittany Clark and Jordan Sveen, family and consumer; Robert Brill, industrial arts; Greg Bliss, Scott Louis and Kyle Yeh, math; Paul Jacobson, orchestra; Grant Ambroz, PE/health; Michele Chappelear, Tina Vazquez and Sarah Pachter, science; Gabe Burak, David Fish and Kerry Hill, social studies; Gabriela Escobar and Katie Odens, Spanish; David Willey and Betsy Rather, SPED. Other staff - Addie Arnell, assistant principal; David DuBois, assistant principal; Dianna Smith, college and career counselor… Notes: Burak ('05), Yeh ('09) and Sveen ('09) are Coronado graduates. Their honors included state-level titles/awards - Burak, wrestling; Yeh, orchestra; and Sveen, culinary arts. Overall, Coronado has 80 certified staff who teach in the classroom, all but six of which are full-time. Arnell was a science teacher at the Springs Community Night School and DuBois a social studies teacher at Doherty High.

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