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Work starts to fix Bear Creek Regional Park flood damage

The rain and flooding of summer 2013 washed out the access road's crossing over Bear Creek from Eighth Street into Bear Creek Regional Park. This photo was shot later that year, during the state cross-country finals in October 2013.
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       El Paso County's Bear Creek Regional Park is scheduled for flood repairs starting this month (October) and continuing into January.
       According to Jason Meyer, County Parks planner, the park work will focus on five locations that suffered from heavy rains and stormwater in the summer of 2013. The park encompasses 573 acres east and west of 21st Street, including the Bear Creek Nature Center, Dog Park, pavilions, soccer fields, tennis courts, archery area, playgrounds, restrooms, community garden, undeveloped areas and several miles of trails.
       Meyer said the work will cause “temporary closures in the work areas,” including sections of trails, but the park itself will remain open.
       He's glad that after months of planning, the repairs can finally get under way. Numerous citizens have been asking when some of the work would start, he said.
       The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds are paying for 75 percent of the repair costs, he said.
       Below are details about the regional park work. (The full repair cost is shown, not including the FEMA subsidy.)

       - Damage - four miles of erosion to trail ditches, trail sub-base, scour of crushed limestone trail surfacing and damage/washout of several culverts and riprap.
       - Repairs - four miles of grading to re-establish trail ditches and trail sub-base grades, installation of new culverts, resetting of damaged culverts, and crushed limestone trail surfacing. (Cost: $168,400.)

       - Damage - the complete washout of a single-lane gravel maintenance road, culvert and riprap.
       - Repairs - installation of a new culvert, fill and road base. (Cost: $19,275.)

MAIN PARK ENTRANCE ROAD (off Rio Grande Street, east of 21st Street)
       - Damage - partial washout of a double-lane paved roadway, two culverts and grouted stone headwall.
       - Repairs - installation of two culverts, grouted stone headwall and asphalt. (Cost: $57,500.)

       - Damage - creek bank failure and washout of riprap, culvert, concrete headwall and double-lane paved roadway serving Bear Creek Regional Park and the Norris-Penrose Event Center.
       - Repairs - installation of fill and riprap, culvert, concrete headwalls, riprap and asphalt roadway. (Cost: $73,050.)

       - Damage - hillside failure that has redirected runoff onto a concrete sidewalk and underpass.
       - Repairs - hillside grading to direct runoff into the creek with a riprap spillway and reclamation of the hillside. (Cost: $37,825.)

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(Posted 10/7/14; Projects: Flood Control)

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