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Police have 2 suspects in discovery of 'bottle bombs' in Garden parking lot

       Two “chemical bottle bombs” in a Garden of the Gods parking lot were removed Oct. 3 without incident.
       There are two suspects. One arrest (of a 22-year-old man) has been made, and a second person (a 21-year-old man) was being sought Oct. 5, a police press release states.
       A motive has not yet been determined. The expected charge is a misdemeanor, which could rise to a felony in such an incident if anyone was hurt or there was an intent to do harm, according to Sgt. Chris Arsenau, an explosives specialist with City Police.
       In an interview, he said that the devices consisted of plastic bottles with “very acidic” chemicals inside that could have exploded if shaken up. In such a case, the “blast radius” would have been about 30 feet. Fragments from the plastic could have caused injury for anyone standing a few feet away, but the chief danger would have been from the chemicals, which could have caused severe burns, Arsenau said.
       The bottle bombs were of a type that's been made “for decades,” he said, and instructions on how to make them are easily found.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 10/5/15; Community: Public Safety)

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