Suggestions offered for city’s CIP list
       (Editor's note: In addition to certain City Council members from Manitou and Colorado Springs, the Westside Pioneer was copied on the following letter, which had been written in response to an article in the Sept. 28 Pioneer about the City of Colorado Springs' request for citizen ideas on capital improvements.)

       To the Colorado Springs Capital Improvements Planners:
       Here is my capital improvements request. Please process this before the Oct. 10 deadline.
       I have been riding daily along Colorado Avenue from the Manitou line to Safeway. There are no real sidewalks for most of the way, and no shoulders. People are walking along in the ditch on the side of the road to get to the bus stops and elsewhere. When I have to take my child by bicycle to school, I have to watch out for the broken pavement and very uneven patches that make up the road border.
       Sooner or later, someone is going to die or be severely injured on the side of this stretch of road. On top of that, the lack of any kind of sidewalk or even shoulder is extraordinarily prejudiced against the many poor people who live in the small hotels along that strip and who must walk to a bus stop or down to the shopping mall to get to work. Please work out a plan of action with Manitou Springs and upgrade that stretch of road. Given the only moderate traffic on the road, one solution would be to drop it from four lanes to two with a center turning lane and shoulders and sidewalks, as we've done in downtown Manitou. It's time we did something about an extraordinarily dangerous traffic hazard.

John Gould